Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 11

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Learning Management

Google Ads

Business Websites


Ecommerce /Retail

Domain & Hosting

Booking Solutions

Web Security

Events Management

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Manoj Sharma

Our Business Solutions and the technology we use


A versatile and user-friendly content management system (CMS)

Drupal (CMS)

Known for its flexibility and scalability, an excellent choice for high-traffic websites.

Events / Tickets

Solutions for Event Planning & Management, Entertainment & more


Share insights, and get expert advice on a wide range of topics.

AI Technology

Chat GPT, Elegant Themes AI Integration, Image AI, Adobe AI & more

Cloud Hosting

Google, AWS, Site Ground, Microsoft Azure etc. Unparalleled speed, security, and scalability.

Appointment / Booking

Cutting edge scheduling appointments and booking solutions.


Builders & General contractors, Real Estate developers, Landscaping, Speciality Contractors

Apps PWA

Progressive Web Apps for Apple and Android devices. Cost effective and easy to manage. 

Speed & Optisation

Blazing-fast website performance with our cutting-edge speed optimization technology.

Ecommerce / Retail

Shopify, Woo Commerce, Adobe Commerce Magneto and more. Shop with confidence

Digital Marketing

Paid ads for Google, Facebook & Insta, Microsoft Bing, & more

Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 12

Expertise. commitment. Value.

We leverage cutting-edge technology, including the latest CMS platforms, advanced cloud hosting services, and modern development tools, to create secure, scalable, and high-performing digital solutions.

Enhancing User Interactions


At our web agency, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We are proud to be a trusted partner to businesses and organisations of all sizes, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality web solutions and customer service to each and every one of our clients. here is a list of our services

Web Design and Development
  • Custom Website Design:Our team of experienced designers will work with you to create a unique and professional website that fits your brand and goals.
    Responsive Web Design: All of our websites are optimized for viewing on any device, ensuring that your site is accessible to all of your potential customers.
  • E-commerce Website Development:We can help you to build an online store that is easy to use and manage, with features like secure checkout, product management, and order tracking.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): We offer custom CMS development and integration, allowing you to easily manage your website’s content and keep it up-to-date.
  • Website Maintenance and Support: We provide ongoing website maintenance and support, ensuring that your site is always running smoothly and that any issues are resolved quickly.

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Appointment / Booking Solution

Ultimate business solution for booking appointments, meetings, webinars, events, sales calls, and more
Set Up Availability
Booking Page
Meet Effortlessly Location / Online
Screen Attendees
Instant Availability Update
Less Admin Work
Effortless Data Collection

Support / Tickets Management
Designed for support engineers

Support ticket management for support agents

Efficient ticket dashboard
advanced filtering
Super fast AJAX loading
Saved Replies & more

Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Custom LMS Development: We can help you to build a custom LMS to meet the unique needs of your organization, including features like course management, student tracking, and assessment tools.
  • LMS Integration: We offer LMS integration services, allowing you to integrate your existing LMS with your website and other systems.

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Website Security
  • Security Audits: We provide comprehensive security audits of your WordPress website, identifying and resolving any potential security risks.
  • Security Maintenance: We offer ongoing WordPress security maintenance, ensuring that your site remains secure and protected from potential threats.

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UX & UI Consultancy
UX & UI Design:

Our team of UX experts will help you to optimise the user experience of your website, improving engagement and conversion rates, and will work with you to create a visually appealing and intuitive user interface for your website.

Web Solutions for Small Businesses
  • Small Business Website Packages: We offer affordable website packages for small businesses, including custom design, development, and ongoing support.
  • Local SEO Services: We can help your small business to improve its visibility in local search results, reaching customers in your local area.
  • Reputation Management: We offer reputation management services, helping you to monitor and improve your online reputation and protect your brand.

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B2B Solutions
  • B2B Website Development: We can help you to build a B2B website that is optimized for your target audience and meets the unique needs of your business.
  • B2B Digital Marketing: We offer B2B digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, and email marketing, to help you reach and engage your target audience.

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Advance Forms

Product orders to conversational forms, quizzes, surveys, and whatnot.

Contact Form

Multi Step Form (Job application, survey, parent information etc..)

Calculation form (Mortgage Calculator)

Conversation Form

Product Order Form

Quiz & Survey Form

Application From

Registration From

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Domain and Hosting
  • Domain Registration: We can help you to register and manage your domain, ensuring that your website has a professional and memorable domain name.
  • Website Hosting: We offer website hosting services, providing reliable and secure hosting for your website.
Payment Solutions

Payment Integration: We can help you to integrate a variety of payment solutions with your website, including credit card processing

Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Automation Strategy: We can help you to develop a marketing automation strategy that leverages the latest tools and technologies to improve your marketing effectiveness.
  • Marketing Automation Implementation: We offer marketing automation implementation services, helping you to put your marketing automation strategy into action.

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Event Management Solutions
  • Event Planning: We can help you to plan and execute successful events, including everything from venue selection and vendor management to registration and ticket sales.
  • Virtual Event Solutions: We offer virtual event solutions, allowing you to host successful events online and reach a wider audience.

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Digital Marketing Services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our team of experts will help you to optimize your website for search engines, improving your visibility and driving more traffic to your site.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: We offer PPC advertising services, allowing you to reach your target audience through targeted advertising on platforms like Google AdWords.
  • Social Media Marketing: We can help you to create and execute a social media marketing strategy, reaching your target audience and building your brand through platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email Marketing: We offer email marketing services, allowing you to reach your customers and prospects with targeted, relevant, and engaging email campaigns.

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Our Business Paradigm and the Industry We Serve


Banks, Insurance, Advisors & planners, Mortgage, Tax Services

Food Ordering

Cafe, Restaurants, Bakery, & Fast Food Chains

Professional Services

Leagal, Accounting, Consulting, Research & Development

Entertainment Industry

Event Planning & Management, Events, Tickets & more

Health & Disability

NFP (Not For Profit) & Advocacy organisations, Healthcare Providers

Government & Council

Providing public services and maintaining public infrastructure

Appointment / Booking

Saloons & Spa, Legal Services, Fitness, Automative & more

Wholesale Ordering

Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, B2b Marketplace, Business

Doctors / GP

Web-Based Healthcare Solutions for Doctors / GP Clinics

Ecommerce / Retail

Selling goods directly to consumers through various channels
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 13

Solution That Fits Every Device

We start the web design process with the mobile experience first, which has more restrictions, then expand the experience and features to create a tablet or desktop version for bigger screens.

Our Partners

Meet our esteemed digital partners who trust us with their vision and success.

Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 14
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 15
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 16
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 17
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 18
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 19
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 20
Web forms are an essential tool for businesses 21
Do you offer services beyond web design?

We are a web solution development that specialises in creating compelling custom digital experiences, we also have a team who focus on custom website development,  digital marketing, Learning Management systems, Restaurant Solitions, Booking solitinos for all kind of businesses,  basic graphic design, CRM solutions, analytics, Website security, ecommerce , retail and wholesale solutions, staff augmentation and more.

ONEMCO is all about creating unique and strategic design, from your website to your business solutions and anything in between keeping your growth in focus.

How do you provide a quote for a project?

We provide a quote for a project by first understanding the requirements and goals of the client. We then review the scope of the project and determine the resources and time required to complete it. Based on this information, we provide a detailed quote that outlines the estimated cost, timeline, and deliverables. Our process includes:

  1. Initial consultation: We organise a few meetings with our clients including zoom screen-sharing sessions and in-person with the client to understand their needs, goals, and any specific requirements they have for their website or application.
  2. Discovery/Research: Research the client’s pain points, and other relevant information to get a better understanding of their needs.
  3. Proposal: Based on the information gathered, create a proposal that outlines the scope of work, timeline, budget, and other important details.
  4. Revisions: Allow the client to review the proposal and make any necessary revisions to ensure that it meets their needs and expectations.
  5. Final quote: Once the proposal has been agreed upon, provide a final quote that includes all costs associated with the project.

By following our process, we ensure that we are providing accurate and detailed quotes to your clients, which helps us build trust and the delivery of the project.

What’s your process like?

We’re very collaborative bunch. Before we make recommendations on your business branding, UI/UX design, and or marketing, we sit down with you to discuss what exactly your business needs. Afterward, we go back and do a thorough study on the market and competitors to ensure that we create a unique spac online for your business.

Have more questions on how we work? Feel free to reach out to us here.

Will I have a dedicated team for my brand?

You can have a dedicated design team on your project if that’s what your project require . We match your project needs with the most skilled members of our creative team, to create a dedicated skilled people that function like an extension of your business.

Can you provide a quote for a project with a limited budget?
Yes, we can provide a quote for a project with a limited budget. We will work with you to understand your budget constraints and tailor our proposal to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution within your budget.
How do you handle project changes or scope creep?

We understand that projects can change over time, and we are always open to working with clients to adapt to their changing needs. If the scope of the project changes, we will provide an updated quote and timeline to reflect the changes. We also regularly communicate with our clients to ensure that their goals and requirements are met throughout the project.

How do you communicate project progress and updates?

We communicate project progress and status updates through regular check-ins and  project management tools. 

Do you work with clients from all over the world?

Yes, we work with clients from all over the world. Our team is equipped with the tools and resources needed to collaborate and communicate with clients located in different parts of the world.

Do you work with clients from all over the world?

Yes, we work with clients from all over the world. Our team is equipped with the tools and resources needed to collaborate and communicate with clients located in different parts of the world.

What kind of brands & businesses do you work with?

We cater to a diverse array of businesses, including startups, as well as small, medium, and large enterprises We believe that every business has a great story to tell.  When it comes to designing for start-ups, we’re equally as proud of our work as when it comes to creating for established businesses and government. So, whether you’re a small business seeking for a design agency to help you expand or a major corporation embarking on a new project, ONEMCO has a solution for you.

How much will it cost to work with you?

We work with your budget as best we can. Pricing depends on the scope of work and timings, but we believe that it’s possible to maximise your budget by focusing on the most important things first. We’re more than just a developer; we’re also your partners. Please contact us and tell us what you’re seeking to accomplish.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance?

We’ll be there to assist you with web support and maintenance if you need it. If not, we’ll leave it up to you to manage it. We’ll still be available for you if you change your mind and need us!