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.au direct refers to domain names registered directly before the .au (e.g. getyour.au). This is also referred to as a “second level name” or the “.au namespace”.

Why is .au direct being introduced?

.au direct is an exciting innovation for Australia’s Internet domain that will complement the existing suite of Australian namespaces (e.g. com.au, net.au and org.au) and:

  • Deliver a wider choice of available names in the Australian domain
  • Allow users to register shorter, more memorable online names
  • Provide names that are easier to type and display on mobile devices. The introduction is the result of significant public consultation conducted in 2015, 2018 and 2019, and will bring Australia in line with many other country code Top Level Domains including the United Kingdom (.uk), Canada (.ca), the USA (.us) and New Zealand (.nz).

Who is eligible for .au direct?

Anyone with a local connection to Australia (including businesses, associations and individuals) is eligible to register a .au direct name through an auDA accredited registrar.

What names can I register under .au direct?

Unlike existing Australian namespaces such as com.au and org.au that have specific allocation criteria, there is no allocation criteria that determines which names an eligible person can register in the .au direct namespace.

If you have an Australian presence, you can simply register a name of your choosing through an auDA accredited registrar, subject to auDA’s licensing rules and the Priority Allocation Process. The name will not need to match your name or be the name of an existing service, good, event, activity or premises that you provide..

When will .au direct be available?

.au direct will officially launch in March 2022 at which time .au direct names can be licensed through an auDA accredited registrar.

Can I purchase a .au direct name in advance of March 2022?

.au direct names will be licensed through auDA accredited registrars. Some registrars may choose to offer an expression of interest service directly to registrants, which will operate prior to launch in March 2022.

What is Priority Allocation?

Existing holders of a .au domain name licence (registrants) will have the first opportunity to apply for Priority Status to register the exact match
of their existing domain name at the .au direct level through the Priority Allocation Process.

Under the Process, exact matches of all names in the Australian registry prior to launch will be reserved for .au direct during the six-month Priority Application Period. During this period, eligible registrants may apply for Priority Status through an accredited auDA registrar.

For example, during the Priority Application Period, the pre-existing registrant of getyour.com.au,
can apply for Priority Status for getyour.au.

How can I register for Priority Status?

When .au direct launches, you will be able to apply for Priority Status through auDA accredited registrars.

You must be eligible to hold the domain licence that forms the basis of your Priority Status application

When does the Priority Application Period commence?

The six-month Priority Application Period starts on the .au direct launch date, 24 March 2022.

What happens if there are multiple Priority Status applications for the same .au direct domain name?

In a small fraction of cases, more than one registrant may be eligible to apply for Priority Status for the same .au direct name (e.g. where Registrant A holds getyour.com.au and Registrant B holds getyour.org.au).

In those cases, the creation date of each applicant’s domain name licence will determine how a name is allocated according to a priority category.

More information on priority categories and examples to help explain how Priority Allocation works can be found on the auDA website.

Registrants can use the Priority Status Tool on the auDA website to check their priority category and see if there are other registrants eligible to apply for the same .au direct name.

How will conflicts be resolved?

Conflicts related to Priority Allocation will be resolved by direct negotiation between the relevant applicants.

auDA’s complaints process under the .au Licensing Rules and the .au Dispute Resolution Process (auDRP) will be available to parties.

Will my existing .au domain name be impacted by the introduction of .au direct?

No. Your existing name in the .au domain will continue to operate as it does today, provided you keep your registration up-to-date.

Where can I get my .au domain?

You can book you domain via following providers:

Onemco Domains

Goggle Domains



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