Google offers at-home learning.

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Great Opportunity to Learn from Google for FREE.

On-demand training

There are more than 60 Google Cloud training courses available on-demand, and you can now take our most popular learning paths on Pluralsight or Coursera at no cost for 30 days. Our courses are designed around in-demand core cloud roles and skills such as cloud architecture, data engineering, and machine learning. They will prepare you to solve real-world problems, and get you started on your path to certification

Hands-on labs

You can access self-paced labs at no charge on Qwiklabs for 30 days. There are labs available for all skill levels, and many are also offered in multiple languages. With hundreds of labs available on-demand, and new labs added every week, you can learn how to prototype an app, analyze weather patterns, build prediction models, and more—all at your own pace. 

If you’re new to Google Cloud, or unsure of how to use Qwiklabs, we recommend starting with our introductory-level quest, Google Cloud Essentials. The quest contains seven hands-on labs that teach you how to create a virtual machine on Google Compute Engine, deploy a containerized application with Kubernetes Engine, and set up a network and HTTP load balancers. 


You can also tune into our Cloud Study Jams webinars at no cost, where you can watch Googlers lead hands-on lab demonstrations and answer your questions live on a variety of topics, including machine learning, understanding GCP costs, and more. 

We hope our training resources offer another way to increase learning and personal enrichment in these unprecedented times. Ready to strengthen your cloud skills with Google Cloud training? Register here by April 30 to get started for free!

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