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Website redesigns fail when businesses don’t strategise. I will tell you how to build a strategic website redesign strategy from existing analytics to minimise risk and maximise ROI.

The majority of website redesigns fail, and the majority of those failures are avoidable. Your redesign project plan will be “risk-free and comprehensive” instead of “risky and de-railed” with just a pinch of planning and a tiny bit of strategy.

Our web designers at onemco, a website solution and digital marketing service, do fantastic work, but they can’t restore damaged websites unless clients fix their broken expectations.

This post will discuss why redesigns fail in order to assist your company in developing the best possible redesign approach. It will then educate you on how to organise your data (analytics) into an actionable approach.

Why do 90% redesign projects go wrong?

To create a fail-safe plan, we must first determine why website redesigns fail. The answer is simple: individuals strive for the wrong goals.

Why? Redesign teams get enthused about an idea without checking to see if the users are also captivated.

Who can blame them, after all? It’s all too easy to get caught up in a fancy mockup and go all-in. However, 76 percent of customers simply want the website to be simple to use, so putting artwork over usability is a mistake.

Website Redesign Strategy Steps That Won’t Fail

  1. Investigate the Data & Check User Flow
  2. Make a decision about what can be kept (if anything)
  3. Do Your Research & Set Goals
  4. Build & Deliver

Investigate the data & Check User Flow

Examining data is the most effective way of identifying issues. I’ll use Google Analytics to demonstrate.

Go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages on the report navigation bar on the left once it loads completely.

Website Redesign Strategy

Because numbers can be soulless, put yourself in your user’s shoes for a mile. If you don’t know where to start, go to Audience > User Flow. 

Website Redesign Strategy 1
This page depicts each user’s journey during the previous week. It’s a good spot to start your website tour, but don’t stick to it completely.
Remember, if you don’t jot down you ideas and conclusions, your tour will be pointless. Create a shared document with a list of all the pages your team needs to see before you start. 

Use google analytics to your advantage and redesign a website that converts.

Make a decision about what can be kept (if anything)

Rather than starting from scratch. you  salvage what you can from an existing website.

Keep the site if the material is decent. If the technology platform is adequate, don’t replace it simply because the developers want a new flashy toy. But, most importantly, don’t start from scratch if you can improve on an existing design.

Do Your Research & Set Goals

Discover, understand the client business, brand, products & services.

Identify the audience.

Analyse, engage stakeholders.

Plan, scope, set goals.

Build, Test & Deliver

Map The project

Wireframe with content & Features,


UX and UI

Site Speed


Responsive design

Test as you built

Make sure you are building a scalable solution

Website Examples

Billiard Shop

Citizenship Products

Anytime Black

Key Takeaways

Website redesigns strategy fail due to a lack of planning. Plan ahead of time and set high goals for your project to ensure that it succeeds. Create a website that is simple to navigate and useful to your target audience.

Remember that conjecture isn’t the same as research. You should look at your analytics and use website tours and user interviews to put them into context. If you skip any of these procedures, you’ll end up missing your target, so plan beforehand.

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